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Giving Back Without Leaving Your Home

Piggybacking on last week's entry, I'd like to talk about an easy way to help with the final step of getting donation items moved from a pile in your house, out the door to a donation location.  Putting together a group of items for donation is hard work, both emotionally and physically.  Make sure that effort is not wasted! Many clients get to this step and get stuck, for a variety of reasons.  Some don't have the time to make the donation delivery.  Others get intimated by the size and weight of the job.

One of the solutions I like to present to clients is a website called Give Back Box.  With this site, you simply pack an empty box and request a prepaid shipping label from the Give Back Box site and the site matches your package with a local donation center.   All you have to do is drop the box at a local drop center (usually a UPS store) and it is on its way.    They even provide you with a tax deductible receipt if needed.

Having items in a contained package can make it easier to physically do the drop off. I also like to suggest to my clients that they keep an open box at all times. They can fill the box as they go and once the box is full, request a label and donate.  It helps keeps items at a manageable amount and keeps the process moving.

Be sure to read more about Give Back Box and other donation suggestions in the resources section of our site.