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Organizing Services in Newton, MA, and the Greater Boston Area

 What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

“I hired Emily to clean out the house of a deceased client of mine. It was a big job for one person, and Emily did a superb job. She was reliable, efficient, extremely organized, patient, thorough, and honest. She made sure that all of the items that could possibly be re-used were donated/sent to the appropriate places; and, because of her hard work, the house was ready to be marketed in no time. I would not hesitate to hire Dots & Stripes Organizing again, and recommend it to all.”
- Marjorie S.,  Boston, MA

“I had the pleasure of working with Emily to help me clean out and organize my basement. Emily comes prepared to work. Her ideas are fantastic. She’s non-judgmental, has fabulous organizational skills, and gave me great ideas on what to do with my stuff. Emily transformed my basement from having items all over the floor plus 10 shelving units cluttered with tools, books, china, photos etc down to 6 units with open space.

The process was effortless for me in so many ways. It is hard to pitch items at times but Emily made it easy, for one she asks questions in a way that makes you think. Emily also gives great suggestion on why you possibly should keep something. But one of my favorite aspects of hiring Emily, she took the items to donation centers for me and/or looked around to see if an item was sellable. That part is priceless to me with such a busy life.

I would hire Dots and Stripes again in a heart beat. I will also recommend them to anyone looking for a professional organizer. Emily is on time, great communicator, understanding, hard working, prepared, honest and authentic. It was well worth it hiring her to have an organized space to keep me calm and relaxed when I have a crazy life. I love staring at my basement now in admiration of how amazing it looks.” -Erin C., Natick, MA

“I had a project that needed help in Boston and Emily was the whiz that helped me to complete it!”- Janine S-J, New York

“The new kitchen system is really working out well. I love it. It’s amazing to know where everything is!” - Carolyn, Newton, MA

“Emily and I worked together starting in the Summer of 2018 in what I thought might just be one session, but then I ended up booking services over several sessions where we tackled my family room, basement, garage, “junk drawers”, master closet and bathroom. The results are addicting! So often I would feel like I was bursting at the seams, and then I’d work with Emily only to find it was possible to have empty drawers and space because I was utilizing organizational systems that Emily implemented so well. To tackle this on my own would have been overwhelming, and frankly- never would have happened. Even on days when I was exhausted, as the session would start with Emily I was quickly energized and excited about what we would be accomplishing together. I love the way Emily is hands on and really understands your motivations and needs. We always felt in synch and she was always supportive in what I was looking to accomplish. I shy away from hyperbole, but I can genuinely say that Emily services have been truly life changing for my family. It’s without question one of the best investments I’ve made in our home.” - Lauren E., Needham, MA

“My husband and I contacted Emily after we had done a major home renovation.  We had just emptied out our POD of things to return into the house and we were completely overwhelmed with boxes and papers and items that we needed to sort through.  We also wanted to simplify our home and get rid of a lot of clutter that had accumulated over the years.  Emily was absolutely fantastic!  She literally helped us organize the space in almost every room of our home.  Emily is focused, talented, thoughtful and very fun to work with!  She is able to make a clear plan of what needs to be done and she follows through until the space feels wonderful!  She has a clear vision and is very organized and detail oriented.  After our first few sessions things were going so well that we have continued with weekly appointments for the last several months.  I would very highly recommend Emily!” - Rachel, Newton, MA

“Emily was an absolute pleasure to work with. She is professional, talented, and passionate about her work. Emily helped me to sort through paperwork that had been piling up and develop systems that will work for our family going forward. I will definitely be working with Emily again in the future!”

- Wendy, Newton, MA