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Organizing & Decluttering

At Dots & Stripes Organizing we help you to organize and declutter your life, one piece at a time.  Whether it’s organizing a room, preparing for a move, putting a sustainable system in place or sorting through multiple items, our organizers guide you through the process.

Our Areas of Expertise

kids' rooms and playspaces

Overwhelmed by stacks of toys and clothes? Let us help you arrange your space so that is practical, yet organized.


move preparation

Moving can be stressful. It makes little sense to pack things you no longer need to simply unpack them in a new space. Our organizers can help you streamline the packing process on the front end to save you time upon arrival so that you can settle in faster.

Digital clutter

These days we store so much of our lives on our devices.  It’s easy to dump files, photos and data on our computers without having a comprehensive storage plan. Our organizers will work with you to get rid of digital clutter and reign in what’s important. 

attics and garages

Is your attic or garage a place simply for STUFF to accumulate? Wish you could make the space more usable? Our organizers can work with you to sort through the clutter and create sustainable systems to increase usability for years to come.


estate clean up

In charge of an estate? The question of what to do with everything can be daunting.  Our organizers will help you create an action plan and provide guidance on how to dispose of and repurpose items. Using our comprehensive network we help simplify the process.

Office Setup

Having an organized space is a must for office productivity.  Let our organizers help you optimize your physical space, or even help with filing systems.

kitchens, pantries &                           other household spaces

Kitchens have long been a central gathering place.  They are also a clutter haven.  Find yourself walking halfway across the room to empty the dishwasher? Have stacks of lids but no containers to put them on? Our organizers will help you create a custom solution to suit the needs of you and your family.  


the big clean out

Sometimes you need to hit the reset button.  Maybe you have lived in your house for many years or have simply accumulated a lot of STUFF.  Our organizers can help you sort through items, make a plan for what to do with them and help you regain control of your space.



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