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The Great Trade-In Event

Many clients I work with enlist my services because they have hit various road blocks at points in the organizing and decluttering process and they are now ready to commit to moving the process forward.  

One common road block I hear about from clients is that they are able to make a decision to get rid of something, but somehow time passes and the item is still in their possession.  There are many reasons this can happen, but often times it is simply because a client does not know how to dispose of or donate it properly.

This week I'd like to highlight an event offered by Babies R Us: The Great Trade-In Event.  The event officially runs February 18- March 16th, but if you have a rewards card you are eligible for early access.   In this annual event, Babies R Us accepts a slew of baby items including car seats, car seat bases, toddler cribs, mattresses, clothing and much more and allows you to trade them for a discount of 25-30% of a new purchase.  This is a great way to help get rid of excess gear in your space and allow you to upgrade any gear that might need freshening up.

For those of you looking to donate non-baby related items, visit our resources page for a list of suggested organizations and the types of items they accept.