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Clutter-Free Mother's Day Gift Ideas

It’s always fun to shower mom with gifts on Mother’s Day, but how do you do it without adding to the clutter. Check out these 5 suggestions:

1) Have a family meal together. Whether you cook or take mom to her favorite restaurant, quality time together is always a win. With today’s fast pace of life, it’s nice to take time out to just be together. Make sure to make reservations as many places book up!

2) Book an experience. Does your mom like wine? Flowers? Find a local wine tasting or flower arranging workshop that you can do together. You’ll get to bond over the activity and create memories while learning about something she loves.

3) Flowers (without the vase). Blooms are always in season, not just for Mother’s Day. I realized that I loved I love sending flowers, but my mom’s collection of vases was growing quite large. I realized that in most cases I could create a gorgeous bouquet, but I didn’t need to include the vase. A plant is a great option here as well.

4) Pamper her. I have yet to meet a mom that doesn’t love a manicure, getting her hair blown dry or having her eyes cooled with cucumbers. Go a step beyond. Don’t just give her a gift certificate, book a time in your calendar when she will be able to use it.

5) Make a video. When my first daughter was born, all I wanted was memories of my daughter that I DIDN’T HAVE TO CREATE! My husband created a video montage of all these awesome pictures and videos from her first year and it’s still one of my most treasured items. With such an array of video editing software available it’s actually MUCH simpler than it seems.

Happy early Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!