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Family Photos: 3 steps to help you turn rarely seen images into visible memories

What To Do With Your Old Family Photos

If you’re like most people, you have a box or two or 10 of old photographs and photo albums,

collecting dust somewhere in your home. These old photos may be tucked away in a closet,

attic or under your bed. It’s not that you don’t treasure them, you just don’t know what to do

with them. Sound familiar?

If so, you’ve probably wondered about the best way to honor those family memories. For

example, how can you showcase your parents’ honeymoon snapshots or your child’s baby

pictures? Are there better ways to make use of printed photos than stashing them away in

boxes? Here’s a three-step process for making the most of your old family photos.

1. Gather Everything Together

When you’re ready to take control of your old family photos, the first step is to get organized.

Before you can decide which photos to celebrate, you need to understand which photos you

have. Gather all the albums and boxes together in one place. If your photos are on various

digital devices, consolidate them on a single computer or tablet.

2. Organize Photos Into Groups

Next, group like images together. You could group by time periods, such as high school and

college or by life events such as birthdays and vacations. As you go through these images, give

yourself freedom to toss those that are blurry, unflattering or otherwise unimportant to you.

3. Create Special Keepsakes

Once you’ve organized all your photographs, you’re likely to find some that stand out. Your

most special memories are perfect candidates for commemorative keepsakes that highlight

their sentimental value.

Check out a few great ways to showcase and preserve your favorite memories. From theme albums to

family heirlooms, there are so many wonderful ways to honor and value your family’s history.

Author bio: Alexander Timoshenko is Product Development Manager for ArtPix 3D, a 2D and 3D

crystal-engraved memento provider. He has 10 years of experience in the industry and focuses

on product optimization.