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Got donations?

Office Supplies

Local schools or childcare centers will accept donations.

Medical Supplies

Many places can only accept new donations in this category. Local senior centers are a great place to start.


 MSPCA - Epilepsy Foundation


ThreadEd - Circle of Hope

Feminine Products/Bras/Nursing Bras

Dignity Matters

Paper Bags

Newton Food Pantry - Centre Street Food Pantry
Try contacting your local food pantry. Many of them need bags for home deliveries.


 Habitat Humanity Boston  -  Morgan Memorial Goodwill 

New Life Furniture Bank- Vietnam Veterans of America (Small Furniture)

Childrens Items

 Cradles to Crayons  -   Room to Grow -  Epilepsy Foundation

Stuffed Animals

Global Thrift Store  -   Stuffed Animals for Emergencies NuDay Syria


Local libraries often have secondhand sales that are based from donations.
More Than Words

Breast Pumps

Medela Recycles

Don’t live close to any of these organizations?

Try Give Back Box!

Simply fill a box and request a free shipping label. Give Back Box will match it with a local donation center.


Have another suggestion? Would you like your organization to be added? Let us know!

These are merely suggestions and are meant to act as a resource.  Please confirm the specifics of your donation with each organization prior to donation.