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Summer Reading List? Here's a Summer Book Donation List Instead

It must be June. If your news feeds, news sites, and friend lists look anything like mine you have certainly seen the many iterations of summer reading lists.  I love a good book just as much as anyone, but I offer you an alternative: where to donate the books from reading lists of years past that are now simply just taking up space.

If you have physical books, consider passing a favorite onto a friend, co-worker or family member.  Not only does it become great conversation for the next time you see each other, but you are able to share something that has brought you joy, happiness, or effected you in some way.  

There are many local organizations where one can donate books. I would encourage you to look past your booklists and into your shelves to help support many of these great organizations.  


-Library Book Sales: Check with your local public library branch. Some offer donation at the main branch, while others have satellite locations that house materials for semi-annual sales.

-Recycling Centers: Many towns and cities have centralized recycling centers.  Some have specific areas for books.  Our city for example, has a designated "Book Shed." 

-Itty Bitty Libraries: These "pop up" libraries are found all over town and operate on the "leave a book, take a book" model.  

Kids Books:

-Cradles to Crayons: A great place to donate kids books that you no longer need. They especially need board books for younger children.

-More Than Words: A non-profit run by youth, this organization is a great recipient for your donations.  

-Room to Grow: This organization helps support families right from birth.

Two of the more difficult categories I often get asked about are encyclopedias and textbooks.  As of the date of this post,  Goodwill will accept encyclopedias.  You could also contact a local theater department, as these sets make great props.   More Than Words, will accept textbooks.

So I encourage you to go explore the new summer reading lists, but first make space on your bookshelf.